StrongBlock NaaS

Simplifying Blockchain Operations with Seamless Efficiency

Unlock the full utility of blockchain nodes without the operational burdens with StrongBlock NaaS (Node-as-a-Service). Our innovative approach leverages load-balanced, shared computing resources to ensure exceptional performance and sustainability. Trusted by wallet end-users and DApps globally, our nodes offer nearly 99.999% uptime, a testament to our world-class infrastructure and commitment to reliability.

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Key capabilities and services

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Simplified Node Management

Enjoy the benefits of node ownership without the hassle of running and maintaining one. StrongBlock takes care of all technical aspects, allowing you to focus on utilizing blockchain technology.

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High Uptime

Experience nearly 99.999% uptime, ensuring consistent and reliable access to blockchain data. Our nodes are monitored 24/7 to prevent and resolve any issues promptly.

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Environmental Responsibility

Address environmental concerns with our energy-efficient, shared resources model. By optimizing resource usage, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint typically associated with blockchain operations.

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Reliable Blockchain Access

StrongBlock NaaS nodes and endpoints are used by many wallet end-users and DApps to reliably and securely access blockchain data, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted transactions.

Use Cases

Implementation Areas & Usage

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DeFi Platforms

StrongBlock NaaS offers near-perfect uptime and load-balanced resources, ensuring that DeFi platforms can operate smoothly and handle peak loads without downtime.

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Cryptocurrency Wallets

StrongBlock’s high uptime and secure access guarantee that wallet users have uninterrupted access to their cryptocurrency holdings and can perform transactions reliably.

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Cross-border Payments

With nodes dispersed globally, especially in strategic locations like Singapore, StrongBlock NaaS ensures low-latency access and reliable transaction processing for cross-border payments.

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Tokenized Asset Platforms

StrongBlock NaaS provides the infrastructure needed to support the secure and efficient management of tokenized assets, ensuring the integrity and traceability of asset ownership.